Friday, April 12, 2019

Who am I, who are you?

An introduction, is perhaps in order. My name is Michael and truth be told I have never blogged before but never the less here we go.  I decided to start this blog because there is a desire in my heart to share what I have been through and the things I have learned along the way.  As well as the things I continue to learn. In the description it mentions that I am on a journey to reclaim in myself what a man truly is.  Is a man simply someone who works 9-5 and provides for his family?  Perhaps someone who maintenance's the family vehicles? Or is he more?

I have asked myself this very question over and over.  I feel I was designed for more.  There is a desire in me to be a husband who is there for my wife and father who is there for his children. A friend to lean on, a person who is reliable, honest, humble, considerate, and loving.  I know I am not alone in this, which is why I have found myself here hoping to ignite a flame in someone else.  Join me on this soul search and self reflection.  Let's work on ourselves together to better men to the ones we love. 



  1. Hey Michael I’m on this journey as well. I had a rough childhood and I’ve made many mistakes in life but one thing I know is that God does not make mistakes and he will restore me.

  2. To answer your question...a man is more than just a provider and problem solver. He is a leader of his home and family. But I’m order for him to lead effectively he has to be following God with all of his heart. Now is this easier said than done...yes I believe so.

  3. We are all those things and more. Thank you for being honest and sharing a comment. My desire to explore what it truly means to be a man, a good man, a godly man. Together we got this.


I was wrong....

I am never wrong. You’re wrong for even suggesting that I might be remotely wrong.   No, I think you better admit that you are wrong...