Monday, April 22, 2019

I am a Protector.

I believe we all have an instinct burning inside with a growing desire to protect what is dear to us. As a child you have a natural desire to guard what is yours. It's actually funny when you think about it. A child covering his/her toys saying, "these are mine!" As we get older, that changes and we choose what to protect.

Protector, defender, and guardian are other words associated.  I'm long gone from being a child hovering over toys. I'm a husband to a beautiful woman, a father to a son and daughter.  I mentioned in a previous blog that my selfish attitude and recklessness cost me my first marriage. I was blessed with a second chance.  I found myself repeating the same mistakes. I began to destroy of what was my redemption. I realized that things had to change. There is no other option, I have to change to save myself, my relationship with my wife, and my family.  This is what I have to protect now. These are my treasures now. 

The photo is of my daughter and I, there is something special in a father daughter relationship. I see her growing up and I desire nothing more than the best for her.  As a father, it is my duty to protect her, to protect her innocence, and her heart.  I know that she will not escape the pain and heartaches that life brings but I can let her know that her dad will always be there for her. I always encourage her to talk to me, our conversations are innocent but I want to create an open relationship. A relationship where she knows and feels safe. I want her to trust me with her little heart, I want her
to know that I will guard it and be gentle with it.  

I am a protector of my marriage.  This subject hits close to home because outside forces can easily intrude and destroy something so beautiful.  Secrecy, disrespect, porn, and the list goes on. I do plan on sharing my experiences on a different blog regarding marriage and the things I've learned but I want to focus on being a guardian over my marriage.  As men it is up to us to stand strong when outside forces as well inside (within ourselves) threaten our marriage.  At least that is the stance I have taken now.  It is my most prized treasure.  If I successfully stand as a protector, my marriage succeeds, my wife and myself succeed, my family does as well.  

There is so much more I wish to share but I don't want to write a novel just yet. lol!  I hope today's blog has resonated with someone.  If you feel someone else would enjoy today's post please share.  I thank you so much for your support. Be blessed.


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